Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare leather?

Ensure the leather surface is clean and dry to the touch.

Apply a small amount of Angelus Leather Preparer & Deglazer onto a rag, sponge, applicator pads, cotton balls, or Q-tips.

Wipe down the desired area and allow the product to completely dry. This will remove the factory paint/finish, leaving a clean surface that Angelus Paint will best adhere to. View our tutorial video HERE.

How do I prepare Patent Leather?

In order to prepare patent leather you will need high grade sandpaper and adhesion promoter. Lightly sand down the patent with the sand paper.

After giving it an even sand, wipe down the areas using Angelus Leather Preparer & Deglazer.

Once dry, apply two to three even coats of adhesion promoter allowing the shoes to dry between coats.

How do I prepare Vinyl?

In order to prepare vinyl you will need high grade sandpaper and adhesion promoter. Lightly sand down the vinyl with the sand paper.

After giving it an even sand, wipe down the areas using Angelus Leather Preparer & Deglazer.

Once dry, apply two to three even coats of adhesion promoter allowing the shoes to dry between coats.

How do I prepare Nike Foamposites?

In order to prepare Nike Foamposites you will need high grade sandpaper and adhesion promoter. Lightly sand down the surface with the sand paper.

After giving it an even sand, wipe down the areas using Angelus Leather Preparer & Deglazer.

Once dry, apply two to three even coats of adhesion promoter allowing the shoes to dry between coats.

How do I prepare suede/nubuck?

When working on suede or nubuck, leather preparer is not needed nor recommended. Simply ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free from debris.

What is Adhesion Promoter?

Adhesion Promoter is a product (usually aerosol) that is used to help paint adhere to non leather surfaces such as rubber, plastics and more.

What's the difference between Leather Preparer and Acetone? Which should I use?

Although Leather Preparer and Acetone can both be used for the same purpose, Acetone has much stronger chemicals which can harm or burn leather due. Leather Preparer is a safer alternative which will not harm leather when applying.

What can Angelus Paint be used on?

Angelus Paint can be used on any leather surface, as well as many other surfaces as long as they are prepped properly. Some of these other surfaces include: Canvas, Fabrics, Mesh, & more!

Angelus Paint is not recommended for use on the very bottoms of shoes as the paint will wear away as soon as you start walking in them. Angelus Paint also works great on certain Soft Midsoles (Jordan 3’s, Jordan 4’s), and will not hold up on hard midsoles (Converse, Vans, Jordan 1’s, Air Force 1’s, etc). We want you to have the best experience possible with realistic goals.

What products are necessary to apply Angelus Paint properly?

-Applicator Pads
-Angelus Leather Paint
-Paint Brushes
-Leather Preparer & Deglazer
-Masking Tape

The above items are the essentials for applying Angelus Paint properly. Begin by prepping the surface using the Leather Preparer & Deglazer and Applicator Pads, cotton balls, or a rag. We find that our Applicator Pads work well because they do not leave lint or residue behind and they are strong enough to not fall apart during use. This will rid the surface of contaminents and/or the factory finish if there is one. This will allow the Angelus Leather Paint to adhere properly to the leather surface.

Once the surface has been prepped, use the Princeton Paintbrush Set to apply multiple thin coats of paint, rather than one or two thick coats. Allow each coat to dry to the touch before applying the next coat. Using the Blue Pro-Mask Tape to mask off areas you do not want to get paint on.

Save money by getting most of these items in our Starter Kit! Click on the image below.

How does Angelus Paint differ from other paints?

Angelus Paints utilize a flexible, self leveling, non-cracking formula that adheres to multiple surfaces such as leather, vinyl, patent leather, canvas and more when prepared properly.

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What paint should I use for ___?

Angelus Paints can be used on any type of shoe from Lebrons, Jordans, KDs and Kobes to all canvas and running shoes. With the proper preparation it can adhere to any surface.

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What kind of paint brush should I use?

We offer high quality Princeton paint brushe sets that can be found in our accessories section or any high quality synthetic paint brushes are recommended.

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Can Angelus Paint be mixed?

Yes, all of our paints are formulated to be mixed very easily. This gives you full control to create thousands of color varieties on your own.

Recommended items include: Mixing Jars & Eye Droppers. Check out videos of each of these items in action down below.


How do I prevent brush strokes?

To prevent brush strokes make sure to use a clean quality paintbrush and apply long light coats spreading the applied paint thoroughly along the shoe evenly.

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Will this paint work with my airbrush?

Yes, Angelus Paints do work in an airbrush but must be thinned out with Angelus 2-Thin. The recommended ratio depends on thickness of paint but its usually 1:1 or 1:4 of 2-Thin to paint.

It is also highly recommend to strain your paint mixture before pouring it into your airbrush. View our Reusable Paint Strainer HERE.

We also have a wide selection of Grex Airbrush Machines and airbrush parts HERE.

Should I be using an airbrush or a paintbrush?

Although airbrushing may seem like the best choice to many, paintbrushing is a very good option in many circumstances such as minimal areas and detail work. Preference would be solely up to you in this case.

How do I thin the paint?

In order to thin Angelus Paints you would need to add Angelus 2-Thin. Depending on how thin you want the paint determines how much 2-Thin to add.

How do I prevent the paint from cracking?

To prevent cracking you must prepare the surface properly. Preparation is key in achieving quality results.

How can I protect the paint from scuffs/scratches?

To protect from scuffs and scratches be sure to apply finisher to your work when done. Even light coats are preferred.

Why is my paint tacky?

Paint can be tacky if you apply on a surface that isnt prepped correctly or on fake leather.

How do I dull the paint?

In order to dull down paint you need to add Angelus Duller to the paint. Only 5-10% of duller is needed and recommended.

How do I shine/gloss the paint?

In order to obtain a glossy effect on project you can apply Angelus High Gloss Acrylic Finisher. Apply 2-3 light coats when project is completely dry.

How do I make glow in the dark paint?

To achieve glow in the dark paint you would mix glow in the dark pigment (we do not carry this product) with Angelus Neutral paint. Once mixed thoroughly apply to prepared surface.

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Will this paint work on the soles of my shoes?

Although Angelus paint can be applied to soles of shoes, it is not guaranteed to hold up. Therefore it is not recommended to paint on soles. If done so, apply some type of Sole-Protector to preserve the painted bottom.

How do I paint the mesh such as sockliners, laces, or tongue?

In order to paint sock liner or any mesh/nylon areas we recommend mixing Angelus paints with GAC-900. Mixing Angelus Paint with GAC-900 in a 1:1 ratio with give the best results. The fabric/mesh will need to be heat-set after the paint has dried in order to keep the material nice and soft.

How do I paint laces?

In order to paint/dye laces you need a fabric medium mixed with Angelus Paints with a 1:1 ratio. Be sure to heat dry the laces after applying the mix.

What is the difference between "Flat" paints and regular paints?

The difference between “flat” paints and regular is quite simple, regular paints provide a gloss like finish where Flat paints are matte and have no shine.

How much paint do I need for ____?

The amount of paint needed for a project will all come down to the area that will be worked on. 1 oz normally is enough paint to cover a standard pair of shoes.

How long should I let the paint dry for?

Paint takes about 15-30 minutes to dry in between layers. After job is done it would take about a day to fully air dry. Same as a car that is painted, you wouldnt want to drive it right off the lot immediately after its done.

What is the shelf life of the paint?

Paints can last up to 3 years of stored properly in room temperature.

Do you have the paint matched to ____ shoes?

Angelus Paints carries a vast assortment of matched colors to several of todays most coveted shoes. You can find those colors in the Collectors Edition.

Will your "Walk On" paints work on the soles of my sneakers?

Walk on Paints are made for heels and loafers BUT are not meant to apply on the soles of sneakers or any other shoes. It will not hold and eventually wears off.

What is Acrylic Finisher?

Acrylic Finisher a clear protective top coat that can help protect the paint from minor scuffs and scratches. Using Acrylic Finisher is also a great way to add a nice sheen to your project. We carry 4 different Acrylic Finisher’s which all offer a different amount of shine.

Shop Acrylic Finishers Here.

When should I use an Acrylic Finisher?

Acrylic Finisher is used after your project is completed and you are ready to seal them off. Using the Acrylic Finisher is totally optional and is dependant upon personal preference.

What is the difference between each Acrylic Finisher?

All the Acrylic Finishers contain a different shine to them. Matte contains the least amount of shine while the High Gloss contains the most. Order of shine is as follows – Matte, Satin, Regular then High Gloss.

Why is Matte not Matte enough?!

The dulling agency at the bottom solidifies when sitting so make sure to shake the bottle before using each time.

How do I dull/flatten the Finisher?

In order to dull down a finisher a bit you can add Duller to the mix. 5% of duller is recommended amount to mix.

Will Acrylic Finisher prevent the paint from cracking?

Acrylic Finisher works as a added layer of durability to prevent cracking. But, keep in mind, if prep work wasn’t done correctly you are still risking paint cracking and chipping.

Is it a scuff protectant?

Yes, Acrylic finisher is a scuff protectant. The more layers added the more layers of protection.

Can Acrylic Finishers be airbrushed?

Yes Acrylic Finishers are thin enough to run straight through an airbrush gun with no thinning needed.

Does it dry clear?

Yes, Acrylic Finisher dries on as a clear coat.

Why does it feel tacky when completely dry?

Sometimes when finisher is applied to certain materials or a project that hasnt fully dried you will experience a tacky finish. If you are painting a vinyl or patent leather you will need adhesion promoter for it to stick properly.

How can I prevent the tacky feel?

Make sure your surface is completely dry and ready for finisher before applying.

What is the difference between Leather & Suede Dyes?

Leather dyes have a lot of pigment and are really strong. Suede Dyes are lighter in pigment and use a slightly different formula to keep the suede soft. If you use Leather dye on Suede it will make the nap of the leather harder.

What would happen if I used Leather Dye on Suede? Vice versa?

Leather Dye on suede will cause it to get stiff. If you do Suede Dye on Leather dye it may not be strong enough or full of enough pigment for you.

Black Suede Dye issues:

Black Suede can have issues from a few things. If you apply too much it can cause an iridiscent look. If you do not shake the bottle it will not be mixed and give a hue. The actual article may not be real suede. To alleviate most of these situations you just have to wipe down with cloth of water & alcohol.

How do Angelus Dyes differ from Angelus Paints?

Dyes take the color of what is under them. So if you dye something white with red it will turn pink. It mixes with it. Paint sits on the surface and grabs on. You can cover anything with paint. Our paint is water based while our dyes are alcohol based.

Can I mix the dyes to make new colors?

Yes you can mix dyes to make other colors but that can have adverse results. A normal color mixing like with paint can be very strange with dyes.

Do you have a white dye?

No we do not have a white dye. Usually to “dye” something white you would need to bleach it.

What is the best way to apply Dyes?

This is a matter of preference but we like with a paint brush or airbrush. The paintbrush will be ruined after application though.

How can I prevent the dye from bleeding?

To prevent the dye from bleeding you can brush it after it has dried and then use Angelus Water & Stain Repellent on top to seal it in. Some people even mix our acrylic finisher with water and airbrush it over to finalize it.

How do I seal the dye once done?

The same way you prevent it from bleeding. You would brush it to get excess pigment off then seal with Angelus Water & Stain Repellent.

How do I clean suede?


When cleaning suede, we highly recommend using our Angelus Foam-Tex Cleaning Kit. Begin by using the provided brush to gently brush away any dirt or debris.


Depress the pump handle to apply Angelus Foam-Tex directly onto the suede. Apply enough product until almost the entire surface is covered.


Use the provided brush to work the Angelus Foam-Tex in circular motions using a minimum amount of force. Work quickly to prevent the product from dissipitating.


Wipe off the excess product using the provided microfiber towel. Continue to dry the rest of the suede as much as possible. Leave to dry for at least 24 hours.


After the suede has completely dried for at least 24 hours, the nap of the suede may be laying down and or feel slightly stiff. Using the same brush, brush the suede in a back and forth motion to loosen and raise the nap. If the nap of the suede is very long and stiff, you may receive better results loosening the nap using our Nubuck & Suede Set.

How do I clean leather?

When cleaning leather with Angelus Easy Cleaner, apply warm clean water and cleaner to brush and begin to scrub dirty area. When done wipe off excess soap with a clean towel and repeat if more cleaning is needed.

What is your strongest cleaner?

All Purpose Foam cleaner would be the strongest cleaner we carry. It is perfect for midsoles and soles of sneakers and tough to clean areas.

What is the best way to use the Easy Cleaner?

The best way to use Angelus Easy Cleaner is to have a cup of warm cleaner water, a cleaning brush and a clean rag with you. Apply a few drops of cleaner onto the brush then apply water and scrub the dirt surface. Once area is scrubbed wipe of the soap and continue these steps until area is fully clean.

What is the best way to use the All Purpose Foam Cleaner?

The best way to use Angelus All Purpose Foam Cleaner is to spray directly onto dirty midsole, sole or dirty area and allow the foam to penetrate into the dirt on shoe. Then with the bristle brush cap or any stiff brush begin to scrub the area to loosen dirt. With rag wipe of all excess foam and dirt.

Should I wipe off the cleaner?

Yes after you have applied the cleaner you wipe it off to remove soap and dirt.

Should I test the cleaner first?

It is always best to test the cleaner on a inconspicuous area just to make sure it reacts well to the material.

My soles turned yellow, how can I bring them back to normal?

When soles turn yellow it is due to oxidation that occurs through time. The product used to reverse this problem is Sole Bright.

How do I use Sole Bright?

Sole Bright is a extremely strong material and you MUST wear gloves when handling and applying to shoes. Use a small brush and apply generous amount to area you are deoxidizing but avoid touching any other areas. Cover with plastic wrap and place in direct sunlight. UV rays will react with the chemical and bring back the original look. Keep in mind that sometimes you will need to do several sessions to get results.

How do I use the Suede & Nubuck Kit?

To use the Suede & Nubuck kit you use the Suede Eraser and you rub on any stained areas on the suede then use the brush to remove any eraser debree.

How can I waterproof my shoes/clothing?

By spraying 2 light coats of Water & Stain Repellent on the product you wish to have protected and allowing it to fully dry you add a water proof sealent.

Can I clean my shoes after waterproofing them?

Yes, you sure can. Be sure to reapply the Water & Stain Repellent after the cleaning has been done.

How long does your Water & Stain Repellent last?

Water & Stain Repellent will last one to two weeks before you have to reapply the product.

How do I use Angelus Glitterlites Paint?

Angelus Glitterlites may require mixing by hand in order to introduce the glitter that has settled to the bottom. Stir the product until the glitter is introduced evenly throughout the bottle.

Check out our tutorial video below:

Should I apply a Finisher after using Glitterlites?

No finisher is required on top of Angelus Glitterlites. Glitterlites Paint is flexible and does not flake. Applying an Acrylic Finisher on top of the Glitterlites Paint may hinder the “glitter” look.

Can I add 2-thin to the Glitterlites?

You can in order to thin out the glitter to give less of distribution of the glitter. We do not recommend using Angelus Glitterlites through an airbrush as the pigment is too thick and may cause immediate clogging.

Can Glitterlites be mixed?

Yes, Glitterlites can be mixed. Many of our customers mix Angelus Glitterlites to obtain a desired custom color. Mixing White Sugar Glitterlite with other Glitterlites gives it a very formal/wedding feel.

Can I mix paint with Glitterlites?

You can mix Glitterlites with Angelus Paint but be warned it may hinder some of the glitter effect. If you cover the glitter with paint it will not be able to shimmer through.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping times vary depending on your location, shipping method chosen, & whether or not Rush Processing was chosen.

The Shipping Method chosen will directly effect your orders transit time. Listed below you will find estimated Transit Times (Does not include processing time of 1-3 business days) based on your selection:

USPS First-Class (2-5 Business Days)

USPS Priority (1-3 Business Days)

USPS Express (1-2 Business Days Guaranteed)

FedEx Standard Overnight (1 Business Day Guaranteed. Does not include weekend deliveries)

What is Rush Processing?

Adding the Rush Processing option guarantees that your order will ship out that same day if placed before 12pm PST. Orders placed after 12pm PST or on Saturdays/Sundays/Holidays will process the following business day. Please note that we normally have a 1-3 business day processing time. Rush Processing will bump your order to the front of the line and will be shipped out that same business day (if placed before 12pm PST Mon-Fri).

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer free shipping on orders over $75 shipping within the Continental United States .

What are your shipping options?

We offer shipping methods through a few different carriers. For USPS, our shipping options are: USPS First Class, Priority, and Express shipping. For FedEx, we offer Ground, SmartPost, and Standard Overnight (weekday delivery only). We also have international shipping options available through USPS and DHL (labeled as FedEx International Economy during checkout).

Do you ship internationally?

We ship worldwide for great prices but can not ship any aerosol or flammable liquids. Please note that the customer is responsible for additional taxes or Custom’s Fees (if any) upon arrival of the package.

Please note that items shipped using a mail forwarding service are not eligible for replacements of any kind.

Where is my package?

Our system automatically sends you an e-mail containing the tracking information as soon as your order is being prepared for shipment. Check your tracking link often for updates on the location of your package as well as the estimated delivery date.

My package was supposed to arrive today, but it never did. What should I do?

Unfortunately, packages can get delayed due to unforseen circumstances. Sometimes due to weather, and other times due to package volume at your local USPS hub. Please allow an additional 1-2 business days for your tracking info to update.

My tracking info says "Delivered" but I never got it. What should i do?

Unfortunately Angelus Direct cannot be held responsible for packages that go missing once the tracking info shows that it’s been Delivered. We recommend visiting your local Post Office to see if they can locate your package. In our experience, it can sometimes take an additional 2-4 days for packages to find their way to your address even after it states that it’s been delivered. If USPS Priority shipping was chosen, feel free to file a claim through USPS regarding a lost or stolen package.

How can I return/exchange the products I ordered?

We accept returns on all brand new/unused items within 30 days of delivery. If you’d like to return an item, please e-mail us to receive an RMA form. We can be contacted at: Please DO NOT return items without the proper documentation. Return postage is to be paid by the purchaser.

For all other questions or concerns, please contact us at:

Please note that items shipped using a mail forwarding service are not eligible for replacements of any kind.

What does "Unfulfilled" mean?

Unfulfilled means that your order has not yet shipped.

What does "Fulfilled" mean?

Fulfilled means it has been packed and it is on its way out or is already out of our facility. It will have a tracking number associated with it that will update in a few hours after being fulfilled.

Do you accept Pre-Paid Gift Cards?

Unfortunately we do not accept Pre-Paid Gift Cards. Our system only accepts PayPal and major Credit/Debit Cards that are linked to a valid Billing Address.

What does "Processing" mean?

Processing means we have received your order and it is in queue to be done. Our normal processings times are 1-3 business days. Business days meaning Monday through Friday. If you wish to speed up processing time make sure to get Rush processing. Business days may be extended during busy Holiday seasons.

Can you ship to an address other than my Billing Address?

We can ship most normal orders to addresses other than the Billing Address. However, we are unable to ship relatively large orders to an address other than the Billing Address associated with the credit card used. The customers of such orders will be contacted and their order will either be shipped to the Billing Address or the order will be cancelled. For any questions regarding your order, please e-mail us:

Why am I getting a "Fraud" error when placing my order?

Usually when getting a fraud alert it means that billing information entered does not match the cards billing information. If billing is different than the shipping address make sure to select the box on the checkout to change it. Your funds may be put into processing by your bank but we have not received them so they will go back into your account in 1-2 business days. The bank does this as a way to make sure the owner of the card will know something is up in case of a fraud purchase.

Most Pre-Paid Gift Cards do not have a valid Billing Address, therefore they are not accepted on If you’d like to place an order, please use a valid credit/debit card or PayPal during checkout.

Do you take phone orders?

Currently we do not take phone orders. All orders can be placed strictly online. If for some reason there is a problem feel free to call us and we will walk you through it.

How can I cancel my order?

To cancel an order it is best to call us during working hours, 7-3:30 PST M-Fri, and get it before we ship it out. An email will work but your order may get shipped out before we can get to it. Especially true if you chose rush processing.

Can I make changes to my order once it's been placed?

For the safety of our customers and to retain order accuracy, we are unable to make any changes to orders. However, if your order has not yet entered our Shipment process, we can cancel and issue a full refund for the order.

My order didn't go through but I got charged?

Usually when something like this happens it entirely has to do with the use of an incorrect Billing Address. The Billing Address has to be the Billing Address associated with the card. If you put an incorrect Billing Address, as a fraud protection, it will say pending or processing on your account. We personally do not have your funds as this is a bank measure to stop fraudulent orders. It will go back in a few days. If not contact your bank about the discrepancy.

There was an error with my order, what should I do?

If you find that there was an error with your order, please e-mail us immediately regarding the issue. We will gladly take care of any errors within 30 days of purchase once we have confirmed the mistake with our records.

We can be reached at:

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